Our History

How it all began.

Mohammad Mohseni grew up in an entrepreneurial environment within a business-minded community. Moving to Vancouver, Canada more than 30 years ago, Mohammad examined local and national business practices to see where he could bring the most value. Drawing upon his entrepreneurial spirit, he opened the first branch of ECS Electrical Cable Supply Ltd. in 1984.  As a small, independent distributor, his business approach emphasized customer service, reliability, product availability and simplified customer purchasing processes.

In a short period of time ECS had become known for its service excellence and had rapidly attracted a large base of loyal customers who valued his refreshing philosophy. Gaining momentum from its Vancouver success, ECS opened another branch in Edmonton in 1986 followed by branches in Victoria, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton, Halifax, and London. A Sales Office was also established in Ottawa making ECS a national distributor that is truly coast to coast.

After 27 years, we are still dedicated to our founding philosophy focused on the same unwavering pursuit of customer service excellence. As we have evolved into Canada's largest independent provider of electrical cabling solutions coast to coast, we're proud to declare that our purpose has not changed since 1984 – to provide continuous reliability, availability and simplified superior service to every customer, every day.